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  • Name on Clone Wars Adventure
  • Job you'd like to apply for
  • Gender



  • Manager- in charge of the hotel while owner is gone (not available at the moment)
  • Receptionist- checks in the people; answers questions
  • Bouncer- low security; may eject guests
  • Security- keeps crowds in check; may eject guests
  • High Security- keeps violent/angry crowds at bay; may eject and/or arrest guests
  • Greeter- greets the guest and addresses them by their full name.
  • Maid- cleans the guests rooms when they leave or while they are gone. (female only)
  • Bell Boy- tends to guests' needs. (male only)
  • Waiter/Waitress- serves food to guests; takes orders
  • Cook- prepares meals served at restaurants
  • Bartender- serves drinks/meals at the bar
  • Dancer- provides entertainment on stage
  • Singer- provides entertainment on stage
  • Comedian- provides entertainment on stage

If there are any questions, contact the owner of the hotel here

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